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Are you a mouse? In a maze? Does it matter?

It was highly recommended. A must read. I wasn’t impressed. Then it got me thinking.

This book represented a new trend in publishing. Good? Bad? Something in between?

You be the judge… it just might trigger a few ideas, thoughts, opinions, when it comes to your writing, too…

Get all the details in today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur. Heck, it’ll set you back the price of one mocha. If you haven’t already, join in the fun! 🙂

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The Mocha Club: Activism, Selling, Autoresponders! Oy. :P

This month in the Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter:

* Activism versus Persuasion (A real but misunderstood difference.)
* When you sell your writing, what… exactly… are you really peddling? (It’s probably not what you think.)
* Want an effortless way to keep in touch with your prospective readers? Yup. We talk about it.

Heck, it’s only 4.99 a month, the price of a mocha.

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Advertising, Audience, and Persuasion

Want to Make an Actual Living as a Writer?

Face it. If you want to do that, it’s important you master some basic persuasion techniques. Ah, but what comes before you engage in any persuasion whatsoever (and if you skip this pre-persuading step, all your efforts will be for naught)?

The basics of Advertising (yup, you’ll need to do this), Audience (get this wrong and your ad expenses go through the roof), and persuasion are a fascinating topic far too many freelancers ignore.

Nope. Your audience isn’t necessarily like you. In fact, they may not even resemble you in any way, shape or form. And to think they do can be the fatal mistake that tanks your latest project.

Nab all the details on these important topics in today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur…

Download your copy here:


Exclusive or Wide… that is the question.

The first question new authors need to ask upon publication is whether they want to sell their book exclusively on Amazon or whether they want to make it available at other bookstores like Nook, Google Play, iTunes, or the gazillion other stores out there.

It’s a tougher question than it appears, with plenty of pros and cons for each.

Last time we discussed Amazon exclusivity. Today it’s all about the pros, cons, and marketing techniques associated with being a “wide” author. Plus, I reveal which method I prefer.

Check it all out here:


All About Working with Amazon

Hey! If you’ve written a book… if you want to sell it on Amazon (a seriously smart thing to do considering their platform sells the lion’s share of books worldwide), you’ve got a big question to ask yourself:

“Do I allow them to exclusively sell my book or will I allow Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, etc. sell it?”

In today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur newsletter, I talk about the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Amazon Exclusivity. It’s free to Mocha Club members. (Hey… why not join up. Buy me a mocha, and I’ll give you access to my nearly two decades of publishing experience!)


Mocha Club! Fasten Your Seat Belt. This one’s a doozie… :P

Oh my gosh, have we got some wrangling to do today. Selling fiction isn’t a confusing topic once you untangle the many threads that seem to surround this gigantic ball of string. However, if you take it slow and understand a first, very important principal, everything should fall into place.The weirdest thing is that most new creative entrepreneurs entering the field miss this most important, fundamental principal when it comes to marketing fiction. However, if you miss it, pretty much every bit of your investment could be for naught.

This isn’t hyperbole. It’s truth. However, before I launch into the meat of this topic, we have a bit of housecleaning to do when it comes to marketing stories, fiction, short, long, speculative, whatever.

Oh. Pardon me. If you’re a Mocha Club Member, read on. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Toss a mocha my way and I’ll talk and talk and talk shop… 😛


Cocky and the Beast: When Good Biz Advice Goes Very Wrong.

In this month’s The Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter, watch what happens when an author trademarks a relatively common word. This is a case study detailing what to do (and what to do) when readers and fellow writers object to your actions. Oy, it’s a twisted tale of broken trust, betrayal, anger, flames and worldwide coverage.

This is a lesson every freelancer should ponder as they make their way through this crazy profession. It’s one thing to feel confident in your actions, it’s another to forge ahead blindly while your world begs you to reconsider.

How would you handle this? Are there any authors who have handled this situation differently? What’s the best course of action?

We’ll discuss these questions (and many more) in just a second.

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Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter #2

If you don’t have a website, you should probably create one. Ah, but how do you do that? What hosting companies are good? Which ones will suit your unique needs as a freelancer? What software do you use? What about flash? What about URls, HTML, and all that crazy alphabet soup stuff?

Thing is: If you build your website right, it’ll support you for a very long time.

Never you worry! I not only simplify the process this month, but I’ve got a video explaining how simple it can be… This is for CE Newsletter subscribers. (Hey, if you’re not a subscriber, join the Mocha Club! Your investment of 4.99 per month will easily pay for itself when you apply all this fabulous information in your freelance career!)

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