Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer! Welcome to ‘20! Lately, we’ve been taking it slow, all of us at Filbert Publishing. Last
What would you do if you discovered you could achieve lifelong health, become the person you always wanted to be,
Today we’re launching into the theme of the new year: The Alchemy of Manifesting Ah, but it’s not what you
It’s a popular topic, especially online. Many gurus proclaim it’s a magic elixir. And sometimes it can be… or not.
In today’s podcast, the Chix discuss a tried and true marketing technique that is making a quiet, yet strong comeback.
Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer! If you’re gearing up for the end of the year, check out today’s article. We’ve got
Today, we have a jumbo issue of The Creative Entrepreneur. In it, I talk about a missing element most creative
Hey Writer, Scribe, Influencer! My office is a mess. If you recall, we built a nice outdoor catio for our
"Get this formula!" "This little trick'll trigger an avalanche of clients and/or customers!" "Set up your biz to become a
If you're a copywriter, you want to sell your services. If you're an author, you probably want to sell your
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer, If you’re facing challenges in your freelance life, hang onto your hat. Today’s
Today Victoria, Donna, and Beth share their personal stories on how they began their freelance careers including: * How Beth