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Your Marketing Plan… Simplified

Today, we have a jumbo issue of The Creative Entrepreneur. In it, I talk about a missing element most creative entrepreneurs ignore when building their marketing plan. Ah, but include it, and every business-growing effort becomes exponentially easier! I also share my personal, sane, and simple techniques to keep a steady stream of potential customers/clients visiting my websites. The strategy I share today is a game changer…

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Five Simple Steps to a Sustainable Freelance Career

“Get this formula!” “This little trick’ll trigger an avalanche of clients and/or customers!” “Set up your biz to become a cash sucking vacuum on steroids!” Yeah. Right. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. But… building a solid freelance biz doesn’t take boatloads of cash. It doesn’t involve trickery, either. Check this out…


Don’t sell your writing. Nope. Sell this.

If you’re a copywriter, you want to sell your services. If you’re an author, you probably want to sell your book. If you write articles… you get the drift. What if you discovered you were trying to “sell” the wrong thing? What if this whole process could be a lot easier?

I hope you enjoy today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter! And THANKS for the mocha!

Beth 🙂

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Soaking and the Curse of Perfectionism

The silent power of “soaking” your writing can make or break your project. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

In today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur, I talk about how to harness the power of this often forgotten writing step.

Enjoy! And THANKS for the mocha!


P.S. Oh! Next month I’ve got a surprise for you. I’m pretty excited.

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On “Gurus”

In this month’s issue of the Creative Entrepreneur, I talk about two freelancers, two methods, and pros/cons of each. Oh, and I talk gurus, too.

This issue is for every exhausted writer caught up in the “There’s a better, super secret, way to do this” freelancing cycle.

Thing is, if you believe some gurus, all you need one final, missing element and success is yours!

But reality can be a bit different.

What if you could stop spinning your wheels, embrace reality, and make your career run a whole lot smoother… enjoyable… and sane? Check out today’s issue here:


If you think you understand your readers…

Think again.

Even the best marketers sometimes get this wrong. That’s because readership is truly a moving target. In today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur, I talk about techniques you can use to keep your finger on the heartbeat of your clients, customers, readers… target audience.

It’s not difficult. But it’s not necessarily easy, either. Ha. How’s that for a paradox!

Dig in. Enjoy. And most of all, have fun. After all, this is your life… 😛


Online marketing realities, offline benefits, and more!

This is a meaty issue covering the core reason we began our “Best Year Ever” series with offline marketing. Oh… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t market online. We’re about to tackle that topic. A lot.

But offline clients offer some tremendous benefits many writers miss and today we’re launching there.

Plus, at long last, we’re talking envelopes! Yay!


Betrayal. Plagiarism. Ghostwriters.

NOTE: Uff-da! I was getting ready to upload the most recent issue of the Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter when, holy cow!. I realized I didn’t upload the link here. Sigh.

Never worry! Each subscriber received their very own link via email so we’re good. But… my apologies. If you’re not a subscriber, here’s what you missed:

What do you get when you combine a NYT bestselling author, a claim of plagiarism, ghostwriters, and a tale with more twists and turns than a pretzel? Why, you get today’s issue of The Creative Entrepreneur!

We’re taking a short break from our current topic to discuss a breaking story, one that can influence publishing, writing, and book selling. It’s a fascinating tale, one that contains copious lessons on scamming, cheating, and how to avoid getting tangled in these types of messes.

Read. Ponder. Then plot your course through the crazy world of writing, publishing, and freelancing.

Enjoy! And thanks for the mocha. If you’re a subscriber, here’s your link:


How to Make a (Great) Living as a Freelancer

In this month’s issue of the Creative Entrepreneur Newsletter, we’re tackling the most lucrative branch of writing because heck… why not make this new year as profitable as possible?

Thing is, this is a pretty important topic. Mastering this skill is key to success in all your writing endeavors. I kid you not.

You’ll get details I’ve never shared before. Concrete steps to take to get the ball rolling. Plus, I toss in a few tidbits from my own experiences in the wild world of freelancing (don’t make my mistakes!).

To get to this content, just join the mocha club (heck it’s less than a Caribou Northern Light Mocha each month!). Other freelance newsletter cost far more (I’ve seen up to 97 smackers per!) and have less than stellar information (if I do say so myself). 😛

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