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How does trademark work? What are the implications of trademarking certain words? Today Beth and Victoria (who just happens to Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer, Oh my. The European Union has enacted some interesting privacy laws and I Read more
An interview with the ever fabulous Victoria Rosendahl! Video below, audio at the end of this post. Today I Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer, Friday afternoons rock. That’s when I head to Caribou Coffee, sit down, and Read more
If you don't have a website, you should probably create one. Ah, but how do you do that? What hosting Read more
No strings attached. Just click the following link and boom. It’s yours. I really hope you find the freelancing information Read more
I've heard it a million times: It's no good to start living my dream. The Internet's created so many wanna-be Read more
Fun, eh? Read more
I thought you might find the information useful. We talk various options for self publishing, how to spot a scam, Read more
Hey Freelancer, Welcome! Greetings from the great white north! (Note: spring should be springing, but with this blanket of snow, Read more Mark Redmond is the creator of the Arty Anderson Series. With lively characters, Redmond tackles thorny philosophical issues with Read more
~~~ Notes from Minnesota ~~~ Hey Freelancer, I’ve got a new release launching so I’m keeping ‘er short. Ha. That’s Read more

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